23 March 2012 Jay Shepherd

Welcome to Souther Carolina?

Think you know where South Carolina is? Think again.

Turns out it’s about 150 feet more south (why isn’t souther a word?) than was previously thought.

But for the owners of 93 properties who suddenly find themselves in another state, it’s a bureaucratic nightmare. The state line determines so much in their lives — what schools they go to, what area code their phone number starts with even who provides them gas and electricity. Small utility cooperatives in South Carolina are banned from extending services across the state line. Most of the properties in question are near Charlotte, N.C.

What is more, northerners will apparently have to drive a little bit further to legally buy fireworks. And since gas is 30 cents a gallon more expensive in North Carolina, it’s kind of like insult and injury.

Not clear who benefits from changing the border 240 years after it was drawn. The simpler solution would be to ignore the lawyers and surveyors and let life go on as it has.

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