Ignite Law 2011

How You Will Practice Law in 2019

Ignite Law 2011 at ABA TechShow
April 2011

In 2019, your law practice will use cloud computing, a paperless office, and the iPad 10. But those won’t be the biggest changes to how you practice law. Instead, the biggest difference will be in the way you value and price what you sell. And before you can make that change, you have to understand what it is you sell. Spoiler alert: It ain’t “legal services,” and it sure as hell ain’t “hours” or “time.” Instead, lawyers sell knowledge. How you value and price that knowledge will be the greatest change in your 2019 practice (before you hop in your flying car and head to court).

LexThink 2013

Don’t Do What You’re Good At

LexThink 2013 at ABA TechShow
April 2013

The most common career advice is “do what you’re good at.” And you probably listened, right? Which is fine. But do you ever wonder, “Is this it? What happened to putting a dent in the universe, and all that? Why aren’t I happier? Why does it feel so much like work?”

It turns out that “do what you’re good at” is bad advice. But don’t worry. It’s not too late. Speaker, writer, and recovering lawyer Jay Shepherd will give you the five steps you’ll need to be happier, disrupt your legal marketplace, and maybe even change the world.

LexThink 2012

The Result Triangle

LexThink 2012 at ABA TechShow
March 2012

Want to know how to get people to do what you want? Jay Shepherd invented the Result Triangle, a surprisingly simple way to focus your efforts as you try to persuade people. This six-minute talk shows you how.

Sydney 2010

The Client Revolution: Law-Firm Evolution

Australian Law Practice Management Association
Sydney, October 2010

Here’s a short preview of a speech Jay gave to a national convention in Sydney on getting rid of the billable hour and replacing it with real pricing.

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