6 March 2012 Jay Shepherd

Saatchi: Brutal Simplicity of Thought

Kind of a neat thing. The advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi has launched a short web book devoted to simplicity. It contains a few short entries chronicling simple solutions to age-old problems, such as barbed wire and traffic lights. From its introduction:

It’s easier to complicate than to simplify.
Simple ideas enter the brain quicker and stay there longer.
Brutal simplicity of thought is therefore a painful necessity.

I like the sentiment. I also like that they then invite readers to contribute their own short entries. And they don’t overdo the advertising for the firm, which is surprising, since that’s sort of their thing. In fact, there’s no way to navigate to Saatchi’s main website. But as a tribute to the power of simplicity, it’s a nice one.

(Thanks to HR Examiner’s Heather Bussing for the heads-up on this.)

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