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[intro]Tens of thousands of lawyers, accountants, and other professionals have learned from his writings and his talks. Here are three areas where he helps make your work easier, better, and more rewarding.[/intro]
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[one-third][service href=”#” target=”_self” icon=”pencil” title=”Authentic Legal Writing”]Lawyers are professional writers. Yet most lawyers’ training is limited to a single first-year class in law school. Now you have the opportunity to learn breakthrough practical writing techniques honed over Jay’s 17 years of litigation experience. [/service][/one-third]
[one-third][service href=”#” target=”_self” icon=”mic” title=”Indelible Public Speaking”]Lawyers have to be good on their feet. But when was the last time you studied how to be a compelling speaker? Never, right? Now you can learn how to smooth, confident, and memorable in front of any audience.[/service][/one-third]
[one-third last][service href=”#” target=”_self” icon=”tag” title=”Intentional Pricing”]No one likes hourly billing, which creates boatloads of problems for lawyers and clients. But how else can you price your services? Get real-world answers from someone who earned millions of dollars in fees without tracking a single hour.[/service][/one-third]

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