Here’s a short (19:47) video of a talk I gave recently at Super Conference II in Boston. In it, I warned over a hundred lawyers that the advice that they’ve been given — “Do what you’re good at” — is actually bad advice. Instead, they should find their outstandingness. (Yes, I know: that’s not in your dictionary. Well maybe your dictionary is broken. Or quite possibly, I made it up. Either way, you already know what it means.)

By the way, even though I was addressing lawyers, this advice holds for anyone in business.

Thanks to the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program and the Massachusetts Bar Association for hosting the conference and providing the video.

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    23 June 2012

    You are excellent! Can I be president of your fan club?

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    Chris F

    9 July 2012

    I like it Jay. I am more attracted to a narrow focus these days. I struggle with exactly what you said, bills, payroll, etc. Why can’t I get past that? hmmmm, I am going to chew on this one.

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