13 April 2012 Jay Shepherd

Die, Word, Die!

Tom Scocca on why it’s time for Microsoft Word to go the way of the fax machine:

What makes Word unbearable is the output. Like the fax machine, Word was designed to put things on paper. It was a tool of the desktop-publishing revolution, allowing ordinary computer users to make professional (or at least approximately professional) document layouts and to print them out. That’s great if you’re making a lot of church bulletins or lost-dog fliers. Keep on using Word. (Maybe keep better track of your dog, though.)

Word is a horrible example of bloatware at its worst. I now do all of my writing using iA Writer or Pages. I wrote Firing at Will: A Manager’s Guide in Writer. Then I had to import the files into my publisher’s template. In Microsoft Word. Which made me die a little bit, a chapter at a time.

(Hat tip to Patrick Rhone’s Minimal Mac site.)

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