So maybe you’re thinking, I wish Jay could come talk to our organization and tell us about things we need to hear about. Turns out that’s totally possible. Book him for your next conference, seminar, or company retreat.

Enjoy Jay’s unboring delivery of unlawyerly business-simplifying concepts. You will learn about:

  • Fixing workplaces so everyone is free to do their best work
  • Decluttering your marketing for higher impact
  • Simplifying complex business activities (including negotiation, pricing, and communicating)

Here’s a handy printable page describing Jay’s most popular topics. He’s also happy to tailor a talk just for your group.

Jay’s presentations are in demand nationally and internationally. (Warning: he’s not for everyone. Fans of the status quo better cover their ears.) See Jay in action here.

Email for speaking fees and availability for 2013.

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